Access Control and CCTV- Have you ever purchased a security system only to find the final cost way higher than the original quote? If so, you’re not alone. Many customers forget to look beyond the parts and labor and end up paying extra for electrical work, door hardware, phone lines, LAN drops, and more…. Let SWA help. We will teach you how to avoid common mistakes, how to write the request for proposal, and even how to work with the contractor to make sure you get a complete system at the cost you expect.

Assessing for Vulnerabilities- Learn how to conduct an on-site audit to determine your security needs. We will train you on what to look for and to include a tour of your physical plant, review of policies and procedures, review of safety committee minutes, as well as interviews with security, human resources, and other key officials at your facility.

Car and Winter Safety- Over Thanksgiving weekend of 1997, NONE of the (23) people who died in car accidents were wearing a seat belt. Find out how to keep you and your family safe when driving on the highway. Learn winter driving tips, what to pack in your car, and what to do if you get stranded and tips on winterizing your home.

Child Safety- There once was a day when parents could send their children out to play, and not have to worry. Sadly, those days are gone. This program helps parents to learn concepts in multiple areas of child safety, and to teach their children how to stay safe when they are out.

Creating a Realistic Riot Plan- Teaches participants how to design and implement a plan to deal with riot situations, whether they start on or off your property.

Creating a Realistic Strike Plan- Teaches participants how to design and implement a plan to deal with security matters involving strikes and other labor disputes.

Emergency Response-No matter how big or how small your organization is, every facility needs a well-designed Emergency Response Plan and informed employees who know what to do in an emergency. This training will provide you with the tools and techniques to design and implement your own plans.

Holiday Crime Prevention- Christmas and the holiday shopping season is a peak time for crimes such as home burglaries, thefts, and even muggings. This seminar teaches valuable tips that can help prevent you/your staff from being the victim of a crime during the holidays.

Holiday Safety- The holidays should be a time of joy and celebration. But this same festive season also often becomes the season of tragedy. Learn how to make the holidays a time of safety for you and your loved ones.

Home Safety for Senior Citizens- Senior citizens often find themselves the victim of crimes and scams more than any other class in our society. But being a senior citizen doesn’t mean having to be vulnerable. Learn how seniors can take steps to lessen the chances of being a victim, and to feel safe and secure in their homes.

Home Security-Hardening the Target Your home may be your castle, but your castle must be kept secure. This program teaches effective ways to increase personal security in your home, and to make it a harder target for the criminal to invade. A “must have” program in today’s changing society!

Industrial Security– It Can Be Achieved By understanding the cause and effect relationships between a company’s policies and procedures and the likelihood of error and exposure to crimes, we will teach you to implement a comprehensive company-wide Security program that will significantly reduce your company’s risk.

Keeping the Workplace Secure- Each year, thousands of employees are victims of workplace violence, including homicides, rapes, stabbings and other physical assaults. Thanks to current legal interpretations of federal regulations that require employers to provide a place of employment “free from recognizable hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious harm to employees,” an employer has a legal obligation to provide a workplace safe from violence. This course will give you the tools to implement such a program in your facility.

Loss Prevention-Presents strategies and solutions for businesses experiencing controllable losses, and wishing to cut losses before it is too late.

Maintaining a Fire Safe Home- More people die in house fires than in any other location. Yet, we continue to prepare for fire everywhere except at home. Learn from trained firefighters how you can “fireproof” your home and minimize the risk of a catastrophe.

Preventing Sexual Assault- Being the victim of a sexual assault is fear every woman feels at some point. Being a female doesn’t mean having to live in fear. Learn how to protect yourself from being a victim, and how to react if you ever are accosted.

Sexual Harassment- This course helps businesses understand what legally qualifies as sexual harassment and guides management’s efforts to create a workplace free of such behavior.